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Professional Cryptocurrency Signals

When you join CryptoSig, you will be exposed to our cutting edge algorithm that tells you exactly when to buy and sell the most popular cryptocurrenices

Algorithmic Based Signals

We take pride in how accurate our cryptocurrency signals are. We aren't claiming we get everything right - that just impossible - but we do get a lot right!

24/7 Expert Discussion

We use a private Slack group to send out all of the signals. Our group also alows discussion so that you can get all of your questions answered.

Track Custom Coins

Don't see signals for a coin you'd like? No worries, just get in contact with us and we'll let you know whether it's currently a buy, hold or sell!

Beginner Friendly

Never trade cryptos before? No problem! Our signals do not require any prior knowledge of trading. We teach you everything that you need to know.

We Work For You

You will get notified before you should buy a cryptocoin for maximum profit. No more doing your own, late, technical analysis!

Find the BEST ICO''s

Stop trying to research the best ICO’s to invest in. Our Slack workspace has a dedicated channel for ICO’s so that you can jump in on the best new coins!

What is CryptoSig?

CryptoSig is a Brand New, Extremely Accurate Cryptocurrency Signal Service

What Exactly Do I Get?

Daily Cryptocurrency Signals

We send out between 3-5 buy signals daily, based on our algorithm. All you have to do is sit and wait for the notification. These are not automatic signals, we manually perform technical analysis on all of the signals our algorithm picks to ensure it is not a false positive/bad signal.

Instant Access To Our Private Slack Group

When you join, you get immediate access to our private slack group. You can ask questions 24/7 and get them answered by some of the best traders in the industry. Some people even believe the group discussion is often more valuable than the signals themselves!

Here is every signal we have ever posted...

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Unlimited Signals

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Request Coins For Watchlist


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Unlimited Signals

24/7 Access To Slack Group

Request Coins For Watchlist

If you would like to pay with Bitcoin or PayPal please contact us through the live chat on this page or email us at [email protected].

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Determine Which Coins to Buy?

Inside of CryptoSig, we have a requests section where members can request ANY coin to be entered into our watch list. Once a coin is in our watch list, when we feel it's a good buy, we'll post a signal.

How Many Signals Do You Post Per Day?

We only post signals when we're confident that we are correct. This means that if the market (as a whole) is in a down trend, we may not post at all that day while other days when the market is performing better, we may post 4-5.

Do You Also Provide Sell Signals?

Yes! We suggest small 5-10% gains and compound your profits. However, if you're one of the risky ones, you could see some of the gains like shown in the spreadsheet above.

How Do You Determine When a Coin Will Increase in Value?

We use a combination of trending/breaking news, trend lines/support lines/resistance lines, along with advanced technical analysis which includes an algorithm we have developed to determine when a coin will increase in value.

How Are the Signals Delivered?

We have a private slack group with a very active community of crypto traders. We have a main signal channel, a requests channel, a news channel and a general chat where you can interact with the rest of the community.

Is This a Pump and Dump Group?

No. We simply tell you when we think a coin will increase in value and at what price you should get in at. You can choose whether to jump in or wait for our next signals.