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DIMPAY – Your B2B Crypto Solution

DIMPAY is a fast, decentralized payment system that is based on NEM blockchain technology. The implementation of such technology makes the platform less expensive, faster and transparent, eliminating the need for third party ledgers. DIMPAY was created to facilitate peer to peer, business to business, consumer to business and business to consumer transactions.


The Blockchain Era of Swiss Wealth Management

SwissBorg is reinventing the way the Wealth Management ecosystem works, by leveraging the Ethereum Network to build a democratic Decentralized Autonomous Organisation. The project will provide cyber-secure financial services operating in Switzerland, Canada and Japan through a digital branchless platform.

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CoinLion Announces A New Digital Currency Trading Platform

CoinLion is a powerful trading platform that makes managing digital assets easy and efficient. The platform contains a unique portfolio management tool combined with a publishing and promotional tool set that rewards users for building and sharing portfolios, strategies, and information relating to the management of digital assets.

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Boulé is Making Waves with Blockchain Voting Technology

Boulé is a pioneering new voting system using blockchain technology to enable governments and electoral bodies to run secure, transparent elections. This revolutionary e-governance tool hopes to make electoral processes visible to all citizens, provide 100 percent accurate results, increase voter turnout and produce faster, cheaper and safer elections.