Why Did Everything Crash? Is it the end of Crypto?!

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  1. StoneAge says:

    China ought to ban Alibaba and Aliexpress then too. So much crap flies off those 2 platforms that it rips people off. Some stuff is awesome, but its better to ban it all so that the consumer is protected.
    How idiotic does that sound? Right. There will be some nasty ICOs and there will MOSTLY be good ones.
    It has NOTHING to do with consumer protection and everything to do with fear.

  2. Steve08 says:

    I have 60 Neo. Would I be better off selling them to buy more Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin? I’m in the buy and hold mode, not trading much.

    • CryptoCoinMastery says:

      It depends what price you got the NEO at. I am also in HODL mode, I believe in NEO, including the tech and the team behind it all. There’s great potential.

  3. Steve08 says:

    My average price was around $15/coin roughly. I’m concerned that China banning ICOs will limit the prospects for the coin, but in the long term things could reverse.

    • CryptoCoinMastery says:

      Yeah, many people are actually speculating that the ICO ban is actually a good thing for NEO. Right now it’s a “ban” but they’re working on regulations to only allow ICO’s on approved platforms, NEO could be one. I’d hold still.

      • steve08 says:

        Hopefully Neo will become the “ethereum of china” but who knows…To keep this simple, I’m thinking of just investing 10 or 12K among the top 10 coins (although Neo has now dropped to number 12). And that diversification would be like owning an index fund. One analyst who wrote an article on crypto recommended doing exactly that. What do you think?

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