October Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork: What You Need To Know

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  1. karlt says:

    thanks. what if you hold your bitcoins on a cold wallet ? is the allocation of BTC Gold based on number ie what happens if I have less than 1 btc. Interested to hear your comments.

    • jean says:

      It will not matter how much you have as long as you do not have it stored somewhere where you do not control the keys. So if you have it on an exchange move it off of there. If it is in a paper wallet or hardware wallet you are fine. Some of the online wallets will also be fine. If the company where you store your bitcoin does not support Bitcoin gold then you will not be able to get the bitcoin gold and that is why you want to move it off an exchange.

  2. ras says:

    Cool topic!
    By the way, why did Blockchain.info not offer Bitcoin Cash during August previous fork?
    I think users of that platform have private keys. even some exchanges platform gave Bitcoin cash but Blockchain.info did not
    Can someone explain it to me, please?

    • Anish says:

      There are many guides to show you how to claim our bitcoin cash from blockchain.info. Just google it and follow it carefully

    • jean says:

      Yes — You will not be able to just log in to your bitcoin wallet and see the coins. You will have to transfer the bitcoin cash out of the bitcoin wallet and into a bitcoin cash wallet. I did not have my bitcoin in blockchain so I am not sure of the exact procedures. For the most part all you would do is open a bitcoin cash wallet and then use the the same keys and passwords that you used with bitcoin in your blockchain wallet and transfer the bitcoin cash to the new Bitcoin Cash wallet.

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  2. October 12, 2017

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