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(EMA Training) Make 57% Gains Predicting Trends
I personally enjoy trading cryptocurrencies because you are able to make money in any type of a market. It does[...]
How to Invest in ICO’s
If you're part of our Facebook group, then you've probably heard us talk about ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). This is[...]
(CND Analysis) Is Cindicator The Next Big Fintech Startup?
In this CND analysis, I talk about the positives and negatives of the Cindicator project. I am a big fan of[...]
Don’t Be Fooled! Common Cryptocurrency Scams and How to Avoid Them
Everyday more and more people are falling for scams. Scams that will take your money and run. There has been[...]
6 Factors That Influence the Price of Bitcoin
This is a post from a Guest Author! The price of Bitcoin has exploded in 2017. Starting the year at[...]
(DASH Analysis) Are You Missing Out On Gains?
In this DASH analysis, I talk about how to decrease emotional trades while increasing profit potential. Long-term trades can bring[...]
(TRIG Technical Analysis) Compounding 5% Gains In A Ranging Market
When doing a TRIG technical analysis, I discovered a goldmine for short-term 5% profits. Many people believe that buying and[...]
How To Use The Fibonacci Retracement Tool When Trading Cryptos
  Trading is a game of predictions. Here is the thing though… Most people think about trading as if they[...]
Picking CryptoCurrencies to Trade
Everyone always wants to know my favorite currencies too trade and I almost always give them an answer that they[...]
Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Trackers
When it comes to cryptocurrency investing, you need to know your numbers. I see too many investors making trades without[...]
(ZEC Analysis) Chance At A Quick 50% Gain?
In this ZEC analysis, I talk about a potential 50% gain that could be made if it continues to follow[...]
How To Set Trading Indicator Alerts
I love trading, but I also have a life. I could never just sit at my computer all day long.[...]
Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker In Google Sheets
The cryptocurrency industry is difficult to work with because there is no easy way to use a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker[...]
(NEO Analysis) Trading NEO Before the Red Pulse ICO
Trading NEO has been one of the most profitable strategies for traders. Over the past few months, NEO has gone[...]
(CVC Analysis) A Big Winner In 2018?
In this CVC analysis, I talk about the growth potential of Civic in 2018. Civic has been quiet since their[...]
The 4 Golden Rules Of Cryptocurrency Trading
A lot of people make the same mistakes when they are trading cryptocurrencies. I have found that setting specific goals[...]
My CryptoCurrency Daily Trading Routine
Trading can become time-consuming and tiring. Many traders end up making mistakes because they do not know how to manage[...]
How To Buy Undervalued Cryptocurrencies
We all hear about these crazy returns from brand new crypto-currencies but many people have no idea how to actually[...]
(GNT Analysis) Could This Coin Explode In The Next 5 Days?
In this GNT analysis, I talk about the potential breakout that we could see in the in the cryptocurrency market.[...]
(DASH Analysis) Should You Buy Dash?
Do you think that DASH is a coin that you should invest in? There are so many coins that are[...]
WTF is Happening with Bitcoin!? (Full Bitcoin Technical Analysis )
Bitcoin has been going crazy. The past 2 months have been a roller coaster ride (in a good way). We[...]
How to Win 90% Of Your Crypto Trades
I often talk about trading perspective. It is something that very few traders have (and that is why very few[...]
Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake – What’s the Difference?
Since Ethereum is getting ever so close to the "Ice Age", there are a lot of people who ask me[...]
(Video Training) My Beginner Friendly Trading Strategy
Trading does not have to be difficult. Too many "trading gurus" make trading seem like it is a complicated process[...]
(ETH Analysis) How To Use The Correct Trading Timeframe
  Picking the correct time frame for your trading goal is extremely important. I see too many beginner traders making[...]
Backing Up Your Bitcoins
Backing Up Your Bitcoins When it comes to the safety and security of your money, you can never be too[...]
(BTC Analysis) Where Is Bitcoin Going?
  1 year and 75 days… That was the amount of time that it took me to figure out the[...]
Is Trading Cryptocurrencies Even Worth It?
I have seen a million different trading strategies taught and most of them cause traders to risk too much of[...]
(Video Training) Using The RSI To Trade Ripple
When trading using technical analysis, it is important to use a holistic approach. I personally like using indicators as a[...]
Coin Dividends?
Introduction to Dividends We have all heard of dividends with stocks. It is when a company will payout a portion[...]
How To Learn To Trade Crypto’s
I think that this article title is a bit arbitrary but I think that it is an important topic to[...]
Common Cryptocurrency Terms and Their Meanings
If you've been in the crypto scene for awhile, you've probably heard some unique terms. When I first started off[...]
How To Use The Stochastic Oscillator Trading Cryptos
I am going to be completely straightforward with you guys… I used to have one strategy and that was it.[...]
(Technical Analysis) Uncertain China Causes Bitcoin to Crash Again!
The recent Bitcoin crash is leaving a lot of people scared . Over the past week, coins have crashed because[...]
Strategy Guide: HODL vs. Trade
I constantly read through the Crypto forums and Facebook pages and all I hear is “Everyone HODL”. Although I love[...]
Evaluating an Initial Coin Offering
Everybody and their brother is coming out with an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) nowadays. If you have no idea what[...]
(RSI Secret) Why You Keep Losing On Trades
I enjoy weightlifting. It is something that I do outside of trading that helps me stay relaxed (if you don’t[...]
Is Bitcoin Gold A Big Scam?
A lot of new information has been coming out about the Bitcoin gold hard fork. A popular post on Reddit[...]
How is the Price of A Cryptocurrency Determined?
Cryptocurrencies are digital, so theoretically the creators can make the coins whatever price they want! WRONG. The market price is[...]
(XRP Analysis) Stop Chasing After Trades!
In this XRP analysis, I talk about the best conservative trading strategies to use. It is easy to get caught[...]
Drawing Support and Resistance Lines
  Support and Resistance lines are one of the most important technical analysis lines that you will learn to draw.[...]
How To Pick Long Term Investments
    I am an advocate of trading cryptocurrencies. With that in mind, sometimes it is a good idea to own[...]
How to Exchange Your Cryptocoins For Money
Picture this: You just made thousands of dollars from a cryptocoin that just exploded. You've made enough profit to want[...]
(DASH Analysis) Is The Crypto Market Recovering?
In this DASH analysis, I talk about the growth potential of the overall cryptocurrency market and how that growth will[...]
(ADA Analysis) Cardano 6% Winning Trade
In this ADA analysis, I show you my step-by-step process for capturing a quick 6% gain. I check coins every[...]
How To Buy Bitcoin On Coinbase With A 0% Fee
Have you ever wondered if there was a way to buy bitcoin without having to pay those nasty trading fees?[...]
(STORJ Analysis) Trading A Potential Breakout
Coins that have actual working products are a minority. Most of the time cryptos are just companies with a great[...]
Is it too late to buy Bitcoin?
Bitcoin has been soaring over the past few months and I wanted to stray away from my normal short term[...]
(ETH Analysis) Using The RSI and MACD To Buy Dips
In this ETH analysis, I talk about the best uses for indicators when trading. I see too many traders either[...]
CryptoCurrency Profit/Loss Ratio: Explained!
A lot of people make their lives SUPER difficult. I was talking to one of my students and he was[...]
Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Trading Cryptos
Trading cryptocurrencies can be very profitable if done correctly. Unfortunately, many traders start to pick up unhealthy habits when they[...]
The Crypto Dip! Should You Be Selling Or Holding?!
When is the crypto market cap going to hit 1 trillion dollars? The current dip that we are experiencing is[...]
Quick Tip #2: How To Trade Cryptocurrency Breakouts
Buying breakouts is an effective way to capture quick gains. When a coin crosses above a strong resistance level, often[...]
1104% Gain Trading Strategy, Blocktix, and ICO’s: A Talk On Liquidity
I hear so many people talk about how they have found the "secret" coin that is going to get them[...]
Quick Tip #1: My Day Trading Chart Setup
Day trading cryptocurrencies can be tempting. Most people do not understand how to do it correctly. In this video, I[...]
Technical Analysis vs. Fundamental Analysis
The argument is everywhere. Is it better to focus on technical analysis or fundamental analysis? I have mixed opinions on[...]
How To Maximize Bitcoin Gains
  Right now we are looking at about a 40% correction with lines up almost exactly with the other corrections[...]
Trading Bitcoin Cash In A Ranging Cryptocurrency Market
Bitcoin Cash has been a unique coin over the past month because it has been in a ranging market. When[...]
Bitcoin Technical Analysis Training
Bitcoin is the best coin to use in order to figure out the over crypto economy. I have found that[...]
How To Day Trade Cryptocurrencies
  I try and send over a ton of training every day because I think the trading industry makes things[...]
Chart Reading: Understanding the EMA and MACD
In today’s chart reading training, we are going to discuss 2 commonly used momentum tactics: EMA and MACD. Both of[...]
How to Use the Order Book While Trading Cryptocurrencies
Picking entrance and exit points is one of the most difficult things to do as a trader. Cryptocurrencies fluctuate every[...]
When Is Bitcoin Going To Hit $20k?
Bitcoin has been quite the past couple of days. While that was happening, the alts decided to have a party.[...]
DASH Technical Analysis: Is It About To Breakout?
  The Bitcoin rally has crushed many of the smaller alt-coins. Even coins like DASH or Litecoin, that normally follow[...]
Is USDT Just A Massive Scam?
The USDT is supposed to be a cryptocurrency that is backed by the US dollar. There are literally supposed to[...]
Managing Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio
Managing a trading portfolio can get complicated. In this video, I break down the various different allocations that I focus on[...]
Making 60% On 1 Trade Using the MACD
One of the questions I get asked daily is: "Kyle, how do I use the MACD indicator". The MACD is[...]
What To Do If You Are Stuck In A Trade
Being stuck in a trade is one of the hardest scenarios that traders have to deal with. Although we would[...]
What Is An ICO?
If you have any type of a connection to the cryptocurrency industry, you have become extremely aware of ICO’s. They[...]
(NULS Analysis) How To Spot 35% Winning Trades
You are probably reading this because you saw the title of the video. You may have even thought: “Wait, I[...]
Why Did TRIG Jump 100% Today?
Smart-gun technology is an unsaturated industry. Blocksafe is trying to attack the industry with the TRIG coin. Blocksafe wants to[...]
3 Great Crypto Buying Opportunities
Determining the best time to buy into a cryptocurrency can be difficult for beginners. Charts can get confusing and most[...]
(VTC Analysis) Could You Make 50% On This Trade?
Finding good long-term trades is very similar to finding good short-term trades. It all comes down to growth potential within a certain[...]
(STEEM Analysis) Using Support RSI Levels To Make Trades
In this STEEM analysis, I talk about a more advanced strategy for using the RSI indicator. Although I do not suggest making[...]
(NEO Analysis) Maximizing Your Gains To Make 50% On 1 Trade
NEO has been booming over the past 24 hours. If you were trading it, you had an opportunity to make[...]
You Might Be Losing Money And Not Even Know It!
Too many traders neglect the fact that different trading markets can give different returns. The first thing that you have[...]
(WAVES Analysis) Capturing Quick 5% Gains!
If you watch my videos, you understand that my main focus is capturing small gains and compounding those gains. I[...]
Chart Reading: Understanding the RSI
The cryptocurrency industry likes to make everything confusing. Everybody claims that they have a “secret formula” to success. 99% of[...]
How To Do Dollar Cost Averaging To Maximize Profits
Have you ever found yourself feeling scared after placing a trade? If so, you are most likely putting too much[...]
Chart Reading 101
Everybody talks about how important technical analysis is but most people have no idea how to conduct it. I have[...]
Gain Focused Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy
I have tested hundreds of trading strategies and I have never used one as simple as the one that I[...]
Advanced Cryptocurrency Support and Resistance Trading
Sometimes the best lessons are learned in the worst situations. I work with hundreds of people daily, so I hear[...]
(Live Technical Analysis) Is NEO Going Back To The Moon?
NEO (formerly Antshares) has been on a roller coaster ride over the past month. It has been all the way[...]
Bitcoin Is About To Break $5000
Bitcoin has an opportunity to break $5000 in the next week. Over the past month, Bitcoin has been bouncing between $3500[...]
Ethereum Is About To Hit $400
  Looking for technical patterns in the market is the best way to cash in on potential profits. Ethereum is[...]
How To Pick The Best Coins To Buy Right Now
Half of the issue that I see with novice traders is that they look for coins that are going to[...]
CryptoCurrency Risk Management
Why are some traders more successful than other traders? I personally believe that it comes down to discipline. Too many[...]
Finding & Winning Short Term Trades
I love showing people the exact trades that I am making each day. Why? It is easy for someone to[...]
(Video Analysis) Chinese Ban ICO’s! Crypto’s Flash Crash! What’s Next?
The Chinese announced this morning that they are banning initial coin offerings. Basically, they don't think that this type of[...]
When Is This Dip Going To End?
The cryptocurrency market has been steadily falling since the end of December. We are finally at a point where the[...]
Everything You Need to Know About Smart Contracts
If you're following Ethereum and it's developments you've probably heard about something called "Smart Contracts". When talking about Ethereum's Smart[...]