BitTrex Responds to Complaints About Disabled Accounts

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11 Responses

  1. dani says:

    and my account still disabled till now with out any response, this company should follow the low, is their away we can report them or file a case against them
    we need or many back

  2. fukbittrexx says:

    My account with more than 13000$ is disabled and they just say “it’s under review” about 8 days is past and this site is not response. and fork 25 october is near..why bittrex in this days locked these account…it’s clear..they will not support bitcoingold yet and if they dont support it on 25 october they can use our coin to give BTG in other wallet and exchanges….yes more than 1000 account is disabled yet and if each person just have one bitcoin ( i have more than 4 bitcoin) then it will be 1000 BTC and they give 1000 BTG with our money for free and BTG is about 1400$ now…so they give 1,400,000$ !!! yes with our money they give this money for free and not any response …… bittrex is rubber … take out your money before they disable you……

  3. Ich says:

    Also more then 5 days my funds are locked, verification is sucessfull, support dont answer

  4. milad says:

    My account has been disabled since 12 days ago and no response to my ticket yet. They don’t answer or questions in their slack.

  5. Andr says:

    To owners of accounts disabled
    Join this group
    Let’s do something for our calculations

  6. Rocco says:

    I called them last Tuesday finally got through support team answered said Thursday our account will be enabled I though he meant thursday of last week the 19 but looks like he meant this Thursday in two days be exactly 2weeks we got disabled on oct 12th make sense two weeks

  7. Mirza says:

    My account with 10000 dollar is disabled for 3weeks! I dont know what can i do 🙁
    They Just reply to my tickets “we r reviewing ur account”!

  8. Nikko says:

    Have you guys been able to enable your accounts yet ? Just curious how long it took for you ?
    Mine got disabled week ago.

  9. Steve says:

    6 weeks locked out – only auto responders, no human interaction with their clients. Bad Bad Bad

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